Episode 17: Ant Hall

Episode 17 features The Dropout, Johnny Ill Band, Detroit Comix Party, Assembly of Nerds, and Michigan 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate Ryan Henry Cox

Episode 16

Thrilled to have Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus of ADULT. joining us to discuss their new album, Detroit House Guests. …

Episode 15

  Featuring Frontier Ruckus performing a song of their new album, Enter The Kingdom.  Playground Detroit discusses meeting their recent crowd-funding…

Episode 14

Unused footage from 2016, with five exclusive performances

Episode 13

featuring: Audra Kubat, Red Pill, Mister, Goldzilla, Handgrenades and The Counter Elites

Episode 12

The Ypsi episode
Featuring Minihorse, Child Sleep, and the Landmarks